Earthrace: Racing Around the World for a Better Planet


We've covered sustainable yachting before, but have never seen anything quite like this. Earthrace is a bid to break the world record for circumnavigating the globe in a powerboat, and they'll try it using only renewable fuels. The program includes the 24,000 nautical-mile race, which the team plans to accomplish in 65 days (the current record is 75), and an accompanying 18-month tour at 60 ports (here is a map of where they're going) around the globe to promote fuels like biodiesel and raise awareness for sustainable resource use. The Earthrace team hopes it will be the highest-profile powerboat in the world, as well as one of the greenest, with it's showcase of environmentally friendly technologies such as low-emission engines and efficient hull design. The boat, a specially-designed trimaran, will run mostly on 100% biodiesel at a top speed of 45 knots/hours (about 55 mph or 90 km/h). The race was originally scheduled to start in December, but the project ran short of funds; according to the website, they're up and running and planning to launch this coming Friday, February 24, from Auckland, New Zealand. Good luck, Team Earthrace! ::Earthrace via tipster Suad