Duke Energy Announces New 42 MW Wind Farm for Cheyenne, Wyoming

wind turbines wyoming photo

photo: Jacob Davies via flickr

Though the recession has certainly put a damper on new large renewable energy projects, as well as derailing some in development, new plans are being announced (just not on the scale which that had been nine months ago). Case in point, Duke Energy's latest wind farm in Cheyenne, Wyoming:The 42 MW Silver Sage Windpower Project will be Duke's third in the state. The Happy Jack Windpower Project (also in Cheyenne) and the under-construction Campbell Hill wind farm, near Casper, round out the Wyoming portion of Duke's Wyoming wind portfolio. Financial terms of the project have not be released.

Installation of the 20 turbines which will make up the Silver Sage Windpower Project will begin this spring and is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Duke's total wind power portfolio now stands at over 500 MW.

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