Don't Forget the Clean Coal Carolers

Yesterday Mike reminded us that One Year Later, TVA Coal Ash Spill Problems Are Still Far From Over. But don't forget the warmer side of coal, the joy that the little singing lumps brought to all our hardened hearts. Who among us is so cold that they can't enjoy singing a round of Frosty the Coalman. The clean coal people cruelly dumped their little lumps of joy after a short run, but TreeHugger saved them for posterity and your listening pleasure.

And who wasn't moved to the core by the religiosity and solemnity of Clean Coal Night.

Then the crowd gets lively again with a rousing round of Deck the Halls with Clean Coal.

And finally, the paean to technology, the world of clean coal with Oh, technology.

Eternal thanks to The Clean Coal Carolers from The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity for creating this grand Christmas tradition that will warm hearts across the country.

More at Clean Coal Carolers from an Industry Run By Morons

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