DIY Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (Video)

Build Your Own Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
Ahh - Green Power Science. It's a while since I checked in on husband-and-wife team Dan and Denise Rojas, the folks who previously brought us video of ten second solar flash cooked eggs, a DIY solar collector from an old satelite dish, and even a homemade solar heater made of cardboard. It looks like Dan and Denise have built quite a following since I last looked - and their latest project, building your own vertical axis wind turbine, is classic Green Power Science. Click below the fold for parts two and three of this instructive video - that's right, this is a long one! Remember to ask a (skilled) adult for help if you try this at home.Check out part two below, or head straight on over to Green Power Science for more fun with fresnel lenses, table saws, and all manner of dangerous toys.

Part two

Part three

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