Distributed Energy Stock Index (DESI)


Could it be that Wall Street is taking the path of TreeHugger-dom? Anecdotal evidence is looking good. From a recent press release: "The Index Committee of the Distributed Energy Stock Index (DESI) approved the creation of a new segment focused on alternative fuels and fuel cells and the inclusion of 12 new companies into the DESI (see below fold for list)". "The Distributed Energy Stock Index (DESI) was created because in the post Sarbanes-Oxley, brokerage houses have reduced research activities and there are only a few analysts covering this sector". It seems that renewable energy stocks in particular, but also distributed power-related stocks have suddenly become more fashionable. The new companies added to the DESI include (with the DESI segments identified in parenthesis after each company):
Applied Film Corporation, AFCO, (Enabling Technologies)
ATS Automation Tooling Systems, ATA.TO, (Enabling Technologies)
DayStar Technologies, DSTI, (Renewable Energy)
Electro Energy, EEEI, (Power Quality and Storage)
Emerson Electric Company, EMR, (Demand Management, Metering and Controls)
Environmental Power Corporation, EPG, (Alternative Fuels and Fuel Cells)
International Rectifier Corporation, IRF, (Enabling Technologies)
Medis Technologies, MDTL, (Alternative Fuels and Fuel Cells)
Metretek Technologies, MEK, (Demand Management, Metering and Controls)
Maxwell Technologies, MXWL, (Power Quality and Storage)
Power Integrations Inc., POWI, (Enabling Technologies)
Spire Corporation, SPIR, (Renewable Energy)