Discovery Founder John Hendricks Explains the Importance of Renewable Energy (Video)

john hendricks curiosity fossil fuels photo

"It's just a fact [that there are] these dwindling fossil fuels," says the founder of Discovery, John Hendricks, "there's only so much oil left. There's an abundance of coal, but there are pollution problems with a lot of the plants we have now." But what is the answer?

In this video from Discovery's newest project Curiosity, John Hendricks outlines some of the alternatives.

Solar, he says, is key as are community-based solutions. Separating from fossil fuels, he implies, might require moving away from giant power generation stations and relying instead on smaller, local, generators.

Curiosity premieres on the Discovery Channel August 7 at 8pm e/p. The first episode asks the question "Did God Create the Universe?" and features Steven Hawking.

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