Diesel's Role in the New Energy Bill


If, as expected, the Energy Bill is signed by President Bush it will have a positive impact on biodiesel, led off by more diesel powered models being offered by more car makers. More good news follows: just as for hybrids, tax incentives will be available for consumers wanting to purchase a clean diesel powered vehicle. The Bill's state-directed incentives for voluntary particulate emissions control retro-fitting are especially important. The retrofits, if widely implemented, will prevent biodiesel from suffering the ancillary public relations damage that accrues from petroleum fueled diesel engine emissions. The Diesel Technology Forum,issued an announcement explaining that the Bill "includes two key diesel- related provisions: a new national incentive program to encourage clean diesel retrofit and consumer tax credits for the purchase of diesel cars, pick-ups and SUVs"..."The Diesel Emissions Reduction Amendment (DERA) provides $1 billion over five years to speed the transition to cleaner diesel. It establishes national and state-level voluntary retrofit programs to encourage equipment owners to upgrade their fleets with new clean diesel technology".

Stay tuned to TreeHugger for details as they become available.