Denmark Ups Its Wind Power Ambition to 50% by 2020

An update on Denmark's impressive progress and goals for wind power: Last year we reported that Denmark generated 20% of its electricity from wind power, on the way to 42% by 2020. Well, the latest info has it that wind power is now 26% of Denmark's electricity and the nation has upped its target for 2020 to 50% (Reve, Revmodo).

Reve points out a key component in Denmark's commitment to wind power, beyond the obvious political commitment: The Danish people themselves overwhelming support wind power, even when expanding it might mean construction happening nearby:

In 2009, the Danish Wind Industry Association, DWIA, conducted a public opinion survey of over 1,000 Danes on energy production in Denmark in the future. An impressive 91% of respondents said that the country should expand the use of wind power and 85% thought this expansion could take place in their local area. Moreover, 96% thought that the government should support wind power development so that Denmark can maintain its international standing as wind energy pioneer. Some 62% were even more ambitious for wind saying that more than 50% of the country’s electricity production should be wind-powered.

Denmark Ups Its Wind Power Ambition to 50% by 2020
On the way to that, Demark generated 26% of its electricity from wind power last year, an increase of six percentage points over the year previous.

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