Delhi's International Airport to Build Waste-to-Energy Plant to Avoid Blackouts

indira gandhi airport photo

photo: DIAL

Faced with energy shortfalls Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, India is looking to tap the city's overflowing landfills to make up the difference, Cleantech reports. The plan is to build a 10 MW waste-to-energy plant to ensure that the airport itself isn't hit by blackouts caused by the 400 MW energy shortfall in the city as a whole:The airport has partnered with GMR Energy and SELCO International to build the plant on 5.7 acres of government-owned land, with half of the electricity produced being sold to the airport and the rest sent into the grid.

The plant would require some 1,400 tons of waste each day, which is actually a bit more than the entire city of Delhi produces, and is expected to come online in late 2010.

The cost for all this is estimated to be $28.6 million.

via: Cleantech
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