Delhi Metro Rail's Green Efforts Expand: Solar Power System Installed, Emissions Reductions Certified

delhi metro rail photo

photo: Delhi Metro Rail
Delhi Metro Rail can stick two green feathers in its cap: Its sizeable emissions reductions over the past four years which qualify for UN carbon credits have been independently certified, and has recently installed a new solar power system (albeit fairly small) at its Connaught Place headquarters to offset some of its electricity usage:Cleantech is reporting that from 2004-2007 the regenerative breaking systems on Delhi Metro Rail's trains prevented emissions of 90,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide. This figure has been independently verified by the German carbon credit validation company TÜV NORD.

The new solar power system, which was installed for $40,000, is expected to generate 15 kWh of electricity per day. The electricity generated will be stored in battery packs and used to power the nighttime lighting systems of several metro stations.

via: Cleantech
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