Delaware Debates Huge Offshore Wind Park


The front page of today's Washington Post has an article about a proposed offshore wind park in Delaware. A company called Bluewater Wind, hopes to construct the 600-megawatt wind park in the waters just off Delaware's coast, near Rehoboth Beach. The wind park would provide power for 130,000 homes for over 20 years, at price cheaper than coal or gas, according to Bluewater Wind's founder Peter Mandelstam. His company has already built a wind farm in Montana that provides power to more than 45,000 homes. Polls show that offshore wind is overwhelmingly popular in Delaware. The state was graded a "F" for air pollution by the American Lung Association. Still, Bluewater Wind faces challenges in convincing Delaware officials with close ties to the coal and gas industries. See also: Maryland Faces The Wind.

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