Debunking 'Some Common Myths About Alternative Fuels': GMNext Video Series

In the first of a series of video clips to be presented by :: GMNext we get a glimpse of exactly how much more the renewable energy industry needs to do to make the general public aware of the different types of alternative energy sources actually are created.

In this clip an interviewer stops people on the street and asks them about E85 ethanol: What it is? How is it made? How does it compare to gasoline? And so on. The answers are more humorous than anything else. Obviously this isn’t a scientific study and the responses chosen to be included probably were chosen for absurdity rather than anything else. All so another GM presenter could set the record straight on E85 ethanol and debunk some myths.Video Provides Basic Info, Short on Bigger Ethanol Issues
I don’t mean to imply that the information GM is presenting is false, not in the slightest. It’s just that the answers don’t really debunk any myths, not exactly. The whole clip provides more very basic information than anything else.

None of the bigger issues of ethanol production are addressed or even hinted at: The link between biofuel production and rising food prices; The amount of land which would be required to produce enough liquid biofuels to feed the current demand for gasoline; The amount of energy produced by ethanol compared to the energy required to make it. I could on...

I guess a three minute video clip can’t really do those topics justice though.

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