Danish Green Hotel Offers 'Cycle for Your Supper' Deal

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Photo: Green Building Press.

Denmark's Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers opened in late 2009, just in time for the now infamous UN Climate Summit, having been built to be "one of the greenest [hotels] in the world." The 25 storey hotel accommodates 366 rooms and was the first in Denmark to have all its energy provided by renewable energy sources.

From 19 April 2010 Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers will give a free locally produced meal (worth about about 240 Danish crowns or $44 USD) to any paying guest who can generate an additional 10 watt hours of electricity.

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Photo: The Guardian

Apparently the hotel figures that a guest cycling at 30 kilometres per hour (average speed) for 60 minutes will produce approximately 100 watt hours of electricity. Power generated by guests through this initiative is stored in a battery and fed back into the main power supply of the hotel. iPhones mounted on the bike handle bars will tell riding guests how much juice they're pumping. Come June 2010 they'll also be able to compete against the hotel's solar panel system to see who can produce the most electricity in the same period.

Now obviously it is a gimmick. It's not like the hotel will benefit greatly from 200 watt hours of electricity. They already have solar panels generating an annual 170,000 kWh of power (equal to 55 Danish family houses) and saving up to 90% on cooling and heating needs with a 100 metre deep groundwater system. But it is a smart gimmick. It gets hotel patrons thing about the energy to consume and hopefully will make them more focussed on saving electricity. Plus it's not often individuals get to generate their own power and score a free meal into the bargain.

If a years trial is successful there is talk that InterContinental Hotels Group may extend the deal to other Crowne Plaza hotels.

The Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers is also a member of the UN Global Compact, has EU Green Building and Green Key certification and is working towards becoming carbon neutral.

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