Danish Cellulosic Ethanol Technology (Hopefully) Coming Soon to North America

inbicon cellulosic ethanol process image

image: Inbicon

In the ongoing push towards second-generation biofuels, Danish firm Inbicon, a spin-off of DONG Energy , has announced that it will be bringing its cellulosic ethanol process to North America, partnering with Thomas Corle and his G-Team to market its technology.

Inbicon toots its own horn:

Two significant advantages set Inbicon apart. First, its unique, patented cellulosic technology works at low-operational costs compared to other biomass process technologies emerging today. That translates to a low-cost fuel ethanol produced from biowastes to market to consumers [...] Second, Inbicon has proven its technology works over a 5-year period.
Pretreatment Reduces Need for Enzymes
More specifically (well as specifically as they will get about the exact procedure), Inbicon says that its hydrothermal pretreatment reduces the amount of enzymes needed to break down agricultural wastes so that they can be processed into alcohol. When combined with electrical generation, the waste heat can be used to assist the process, and the waste from the ethanol procedure can be used to partially fuel the power plant.

Inbicon has operated a pilot plant in Denmark using this technology since 2003, and hopes to be opening a 1.4 million gallon-per-year demonstration plant there in 2009.

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