CSIRO's On-Demand, Solar Powered, Hydrogen Device

It seems the crew in the white lab coats at CSIRO, Australia's scientific research body, might read too many Arthur C. Clarke novels. But instead of just imagining a future world, they are attempting to build one. Now they have come up with a device about the size of a microwave oven that could be powered "... from a solar panel to extract enough hydrogen per day from water to power a family car for up to 150 kilometres [93 miles]." If that weren't revolutionary enough, they figure they are only about 3-4 years away from a commercialised unit. (A financial partner is being sought). Apparently the hydrogen created by the 'electrolyser' has a long shelf life and can be converted to electricity as individual demand requires. This removes that oft quoted bugbear of a hydrogen economy - the roll out of an expensive new delivery infrastructure. Combined with photovoltaics, this electrolyser, could, if it fulfills its promise, offer a very decentralised energy system. The mind boggles. Via ::CSIRO online magazine Solve