Creating Energy From Landfills: FirmGreen

Trash from landfills in Ohio will soon be transformed into renewable energy. Construction has started on a new facility designed to capture, clean, and use methane and CO2 from landfill gas (LFG). You can see the technology used in this system on FirmGreen's website.The project was created by FirmGreen and SWACO (Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio). Phase one of the project, scheduled to be operational by year's end, will provide electricity for SWACO's facilities. The project's second phase will convert the LFG into Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). Mike Long, Executive Director of SWACO, said "Instead of just burying our trash, we can use our throwaways to reduce our own fleet fuel costs, and fuel local school and transit buses." Phase two is scheduled to be operational within nine months. :: FirmGreen and SWACO