Coors To Turn Brewery Waste into Vehicle Fuel

Giving "gas guzzler" a new context, Coors brewing has partnered with another firm to convert brewing waste, presumably ethanol rich brewing waste, into fuel grade ethanol for distribution on the Colorado Front Range. TreeHugger has previously posted on the "waste to food" strategy, which is a perfect descriptor of this project. Let the skit begin. Said the Officer after he pulled over the driver, "son, have you got alcohol in this car?" "You bet I do said the driver." In response, the officer asked "locally produced?" "Filled 'er up with Coors" came the answer.As cited in Knight Ridder news GOLDEN, Colo. 'Coors Brewing Co. and Aurora-based Merrick & Company are using beer waste to process 1.5 million gallons of the gasoline substitute called ethanol. The ethanol - made in much the same way as moonshine - is sold under a contract with Valero Energy Corp., which distributes the fuel to Diamond Shamrock stations across the Front Range'.

"Alternative fuel sources are especially relevant in Colorado, where clean air laws mandate that ethanol be blended with gas during the winter to reduce vehicle emissions. The law also creates a built-in market for Colorado-based producers because about 100 million gallons of ethanol are used in the state each year".

Ah the smell of clean air in the morning.