Cool Interactive US Wind, Solar & Biomass Power Potential Map Released by NRDC

renewable energy potential map image

A couple weeks ago NRDC and the Audubon Society released a Google Earth layer that mapped out what areas in the western United States are and should be off-limits to protect certain ecosystems and wildlife habitat. Now the NRDC has released a companion map (not for Google Earth) that shows wind farms, advanced biofuel facilities and biodigester projects either existing or planned, across the whole country, as well as color coding the energy potential for each technology:

california wind farms map image

It's really pretty neat. It goes down to a county-level detail and shows for wind farms the name, construction/expansion capacity and start date, or current capacity if it's already built, plus size. Biofuel facilities are shown with feedstocks being used and capacity per year in gallons. Biodigesters are listed with end use and capacity.

US Wind Power Potential

US wind power potential map image

US Solar Power Potential
US solar power potential map image

US Cellulosic Biomass Power Potential
US cellulosic biofuel potential map image

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