Come The Quiet Revolution — XCO2's Elegant Wind Turbine.

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A compact, robust, elegant wind turbine with advertising space — sounds like a good pitch right? Well it's not just good, it's real and it's coming to a roundabout, a street lamp, a building or any space near you. The Quiet Revolution wind turbine was designed and developed by XCO2. They are a London based consultancy who define themselves as a low carbon engineering and design studio. Their projects range from converting a library in Southwark into a high-profile IT training centre, to an eco-resort in the Maldives, but right now their new turbine is what's on every local council's most wanted list. First in the queue is Bristol who have bought one for a roundabout in the Temple Meads area. XCO2's design is a vertical axis turbine (see a couple more examples here and here), which they claim is virtually silent and vibration free. Further advantages are that the cylindrical structure with the vertical 'S' blades occupies less space than the average turbine, the structure is robust, and practically as well as aesthetically it can integrate easily into the urban environment. Trials were carried out at the end of last year and with the results XCO2 say that the Quiet Revolution will be capable of producing 10,000 kWh per year based on an average wind speed of 5.8 m/s. "If you had two of them that would satisfy the 10% renewable energy requirement for a 1200 square-metre office building," says their marketing director Julia Grove.

As for the advertising part well that's optional, but will do wonders for it's commercial prospects. LED lights can be embedded in the blades so that when it spins round the lights flash in sequence creating a kind of animated screen which could be purely decorative or send messages and images.

The first permanent installation of the Quiet Revolution in Bristol is slated for March this year. We are told screen space will be sold to companies promoting eco-friendly products, which if true is a very exciting prospect. If they can keep to this principled mandate that will be a fantastic way to promote the growing eco-sector. thanks to tippster Kate ::Quiet Revolution

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