Colorado Legislature Approves 30% by 2020 Renewable Energy Standard - Only California's is Higher

solar panels colorado photo

Distributed generation for utilities is part of the mandate. Photo: Solar Dave via flickr.

Now this is getting somewhere... Climate Progress reports that the Colorado House of Representatives has passed an increase in the state's renewable energy standard, bringing it to 30% by 2020. Only California has a higher standard, albeit by only 3%. The previous state standard was 20% by the same date.The state mandate will covers investor-owned utilities and also requires them to meet 3% of that target though distributed generation--that is, rooftop and other small-scale solar power installation, or small-scale wind turbines owned by individuals, businesses or communities.

"Good new jobs will be created..."
Job creation, as much as environmentalism, is no doubt behind it all: CP points out that a recent report shows a 3% distributed generation requirement in Colorado would create 3,333 construction jobs annually, in addition to the emission reduction benefits.

Touting the benefits of the higher RES, state representative Max Tyler wrote in a Denver Post opinion piece:

[The RES] will continue to encourage the creation of our own energy businesses as well as drawing new energy companies and investment capital to Colorado. Good new jobs will be created for folks from engineers to construction workers. We will increase our energy independence, protect our environment, and cement Colorado as a leader in America's clean energy revolution.

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