Colorado Community Solar Gardens Offer Condo-Owners & Renters a Plot of Solar Power Action

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photo: Joanna 8555 via flickr.

Apart from signing up for green power with your utility, there's not a lot you can do to get renewable energy into your home if you rent or own in a condo complex or apartment building. Not so fast, if you live in Colorado. Ecopolitology points out that a state representative from Boulder plans on introducing a bill legalizing 'solar gardens':Off-Site Solar Panels Still Qualify for Tax Incentives
Under the plan people who cannot install solar panels on their building itself can buy into solar gardens built on separate plots of land and still receive the tax incentives associated with them. Renewable energy credits would be provided via the state's largest utility, Xcel Energy.

In part the bill is motivated by a Boulder County green building ordinance which requires new buildings to get some of the electricity from renewable sources. By legalizing these solar gardens, those without suitable space on site could satisfy the requirement offsite.

Without going through the details of the bill itself (it hasn't been introduced yet...), good thinking on this one.

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