Coke and Ecotricity to Install 2MW Wind Turbine

Coke and Ecotricity plan to erect 2mw wind turbine image

Planning Application for Wind-Powered Coke Factory
The UK-based renewable energy developer Ecotricity is no stranger to working with large companies. From installing turbines at a Lotus car factory to joining forces with major DIY retailer B&Q;, the company specialises in finding influential allies in their efforts to bring wind energy firmly into the mainstream. Their latest collaboration is likely to raise the hackles of those in the environmental community who believe that some companies are simply not reformable, but it is also another sure sign that renewable energy is being adopted by the biggest of big business - Ecotricity and Coke have just announced a public exhibition for a planning application to install a 2MW wind turbine at Coke's Wakefield plant — the largest soft drinks manufacturing facility in Britain. Given Coke's previous environmental sins, like industrial spillage in Bogota or efforts to sabotage Israeli recycling legislation (not to mention an inherently unhealthy product!), efforts such as these are not likely to green the company's image overnight, but it's certainly a step in the right direction. (For those interested, Ecotricity also have an online exhibition showing photo montages of how the turbines might effect the local view).::Ecotricity:: via site visit::

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