Coen Bros Clean Coal Media Coverage Contest: Top 10 List, and the winners is... (Video)

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Anatomy of a Green Pitch: Fighting Coal-Fired Fire with Carbon Free Fire

Last week, The Reality Campaign via the Coen Brothers deployed a corrective on coal industry practice, specifically, a salvo in the form of a satirical commercial aimed at countering the "clean coal" misinformation junket that's been promulgated for some time now. As the gloves came off in this battle of the marketing campaigns dueling for the minds, and one would now argue hearts, of the American people, a conference call brought together journalists and bloggers (transcript) to hear from Reality Coalition Spokesman Brian Hardwick and Sierra Club National Coal Campaign Director Bruce Nilles. Below you will find our top-ten list of the fruits of that call as well as a BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO SNEAK PEAK ofthe Coens shooting the Reality Campaign's next ad.

#10. NYT - Green Inc.: The Coen Brothers Do Clean Coal

The Times in venerable (think "dysfunctional") journalistic tradition (think "half unconscious") snipes at Obama in its opening sentence salvo of its post with "Even as President Obama continues to push for development of "clean coal" The Times, as are many of us who have the jitters about the planet's energy future, fails to recognize the genius of the Obama M.O. A modus operendi demonstrated countless times throughout the campaign as well as during the debates. Full Huffington Post full exegesis here.

#9. See how the clip is fairing on the laugh-o-meter over at Funny or Die »

This just kina misses the point. We luvs some effective, political satire, but the context of this site just strips the the message. Then again, exposure is exposure...

#8 AP & Others: Coen brothers take aim at `clean coal' in TV ad

Similarly, AP's rendering of this story is about as lively and insightful as the read-out-loud computer voice of Amazon's Kindle 2. (You can hear Kindle's diction in this video about 1 minute in) But kudos to all for disseminating the message.

AP users & aggregators:
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#7 Variety: Coen Brothers Make New Anti-Clean Coal Spot

Again, a misapprehension of the Big O maneuvering:
But even President Obama mentioned clean coal in his speech before Congress on Tuesday. ... He pledged to invest "fifteen billion dollars a year to develop technologies like wind power and solar power; advanced biofuels, clean coal, and more fuel-efficient cars and trucks built right here in America."

You've got an entrenched industrial-political energy complex plus the co-morbidities of the economy, Iraq yada... What would you do? Sound the alarm bells at the soonest possible time that you were going to fuck over a doggedly entrenched industry? Or under O M.O. steps 1 & 2 keep reassuring them that you're interested in their CCS all the while putting the burden of proof on them to come through. Oh what's this? You never really spent any money on research and rather hedged your bets the money would be best spent on a propaganda campaign? Oh, well we'd even be open to forgive the wasted funds on the marketing effort, but whadaya know, you've squandered your opportunity to demonstrate that we should fund what you want. That's something you must be accountable for. This flew under Bush, but no more: actions and choices have consequences.

#6 LA Times: Coen brothers' TV ad ridicules 'clean coal'

The ad is humorous, but the stakes are serious. ... Coal is the bedrock of U.S. electricity generation. About half of the nation's power is supplied by 600 coal-burning plants. The fuel is reliable, cheap and plentiful. The U.S. possesses about one-quarter of the planet's coal reserves. ... But some scientists say that weaning the world off coal is crucial to slowing the devastating effects of climate change.

Bravo, no bogus false equivalence and giving the other side "equal time."

#6 Runner-up - Newsweek: Coen brothers take aim at 'clean coal' in TV ad

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