Coal Pellet Stove Introduced in Uganda

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We've written a lot about wood pellet stoves, and are intrigued -- and a bit wary -- with story out of Uganda about a new pellet stove that burns coal pellets.

Enviro Fuels Manufacturing, a Florida-based company, recently launched its Enviro High Efficiency Stove in Uganda, where many rural communities rely on coal for small indoor stoves. The company says it hopes the stoves will reduce the need for fuel and cut home energy costs, remove the pollutants generated in the combustion of fuel in the home, improve indoor air quality, and lower carbon dioxide emissions. The company says the stainless steel stove uses "a venturi flow burning chamber whereby the combustion air is drawn into the chamber through an inner and outer wall that has been designed to substantially reduce the heat transmitted to the outer wall of the stove." That design feature also allows the incoming combustion air to be preheated thus increasing its efficiency, the company says.

The CEO of Enviro Fuels Manufacturing, Larry Hunt, told Uganda's Daily Monitor that the stove was introduced to help people in the war-ravaged areas of northern Uganda and will also also benefit war-affected areas in other countries including Rwanda, Burundi and Sudan. The company's tests show that the Enviro HE Stove requires about one third of the fuel required in regular stoves to achieve the same heat for the same amount of time.

Since the technology is so new, we had trouble verifying whether Enviro Fuels Manufacturing's claims are legit. We also learned that CEO Larry Hunt has ties to the clean coal industry. But the prospect of a coal pellet stove is certainly encouraging for the millions of families who burn coal inside the home and suffer health and environmental consequences. : Via Daily Monitor

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