Climbing a Wind Turbine (Video)

climbing a wind turbine photo

Image credit: First Wind

From massive floating wind turbines to these stunning urban wind turbines, we TreeHuggers like nothing better than to geek out over new ways to generate clean, green electricity. But unless you're a crazy base jumper or a turbine-inspecting robot, most of us will only ever admire these wonders of the coming post-fossil fuel era (yeah, I'm an optimist) from a far. So a video that gives us an inside glimpse into the internal workings of a wind turbine makes for fascinating viewing. Created for US-based First Wind, the video provides an interesting demonstration—not just of the engineering that goes into these gigantic structures—but also of the sophisticated monitoring and communication systems that allow the turbine to transmit data on wind speeds, generating capacity and other crucial information to controllers on the ground. When combined with true smart grid technology, these machines really do demonstrate a more sophisticated, innovative way of powering our homes and offices. Blowing up mountain tops is so last century.

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