CIA Invests in Patented Renewable Energy Bundle

Looking for an example of how to help balance the Federal budget? From the Christian Science Monitor of October 18, 2005 we learned that the CIA is investing in renewable energy. OK. What sane organization is not looking at renewables? Given the dawning awareness of our energy future, it's no surprise that the CIA is interested in the "Skybuilt" bundle (shown in sketch). From CSM: "Depending upon its configuration, SkyBuilt's Mobile Power Station (MPS) can generate up to 150 kilowatts of electricity, says David Muchow, the firm's president and CEO. That's enough to power an emergency operations center, an Army field kitchen, or a small medical facility...Privately owned SkyBuilt now has a new investor - In-Q-Tel, a venture capital firm set up by the US Central Intelligence Agency. Skybuilt and In-Q-Tel will announce Tuesday that they have signed a strategic development agreement, including an investment in SkyBuilt".The story goes on to explain that "The power stations could have important uses for disaster relief, homeland security, military operations, intelligence work, and a variety of commercial applications. The units are not yet designed for use by homeowners". Well "Duh".

"While SkyBuilt has 140 patent claims on its energy system, most of its individual component parts are widely available".

We have an idea for how the CIA could save a lot of money. Order an Amish built shed for about $500. They'll send the skid mounted pieces strapped and shrink wrapped on a flatbed, in a matter of days, ready for setup in a few hours. Lancaster's not too far from DC after all. The other route is to order some small steel dumpsters. Turnkey, modular SPV kits are available from Home Depot for under a grand. If that's not custom enough, we know a college kid that could use some IPO help from the CIA as well. TreeHugger has also covered all sorts of dandy do-it-yourself wind turbine kits.

Do an editorial page search of a certain business journal's archive from last decade and we're pretty sure you'll find numerous rants about how naive Treehuggers 'keep pushing those "uneconomical" and "naive" technology ideas like wind and solar power'. Typical of such pieces would be a proclamation that it is always best to 'leave our energy future in the hands of the private sector' and 'keep the government incentives out'. This is one time we TreeHuggers agree. Hundreds of patents indeed.