China, US, India Add Most Wind Power in 2011 So Far

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photo: Scott Wilcoxson/CC BY

A new report from the World Wind Energy Association tracks new wind power installations in the first half of 2011, with China, the United States and India leading the pack. Though new installations were lower in Germany and Spain, strong commitment to renewable energy in previous years means both remain in the world's top five nations for wind power.

Here's how new wind power installations were divided:In total for the first half of 2011 all nations added an additional 18.4 GW of new wind power, with the year expected to end with there being 43.9 GW completed. The world's total installed wind power capacity by mid-year was 215 GW.

As a point of comparison, by the end of 2010 there was 196.68 GW of wind power; by the end of 2009 there was 159.77 GW.

China leads the world in additional wind power, installing 8 GW through June 2011. The United States lands in second place, with 2.25 GW. India upped it's wind power capacity by 1.48 GW.

In terms of total national capacity, that additional amount of wind power means China remains well in first place, with 52.8 GW installed (there remain issues with the amount actually connected to the grid, however). The US takes second place for total capacity, at 42.43 GW. Germany is in third (27.98 GW), Spain in fourth (21.15 GW), and India in fifth (14.5 GW).

You can see how the remaining top ten wind power nations sort out in the graphic below:

wind power installations by june 2011 chart

image: WWEA
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