Check Out the Windspire: Backyard Vertical Wind Turbine Video Clip

A bit less than a year ago we reported on the Windspire a 1 kW vertical wind turbine designed to be placed in your backyard which its manufacturer, Mariah Power claims will generate 25-30% of your home's power. In the video above you can get a quick glimpse of the Windspire in action and listen to the president of Mariah Power tout his product. Though you don't get to see one, there's talk of a 3 kW version which is claimed will be able to supply 100% of your household power needs.

The clip's from Voice of America news, so you've got to sit through that strangely official "technology of tomorrow, today!" voice, but I think it's always good to get a glimpse of the technology we talk about here on TreeHugger in person, ur, in motion, so take a look at this one.
via :: EnergyBloggers
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