Check Out a New Search Engine for Renewable Energy News... And Much More

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Though it's been billed as a new search engine for renewable energy, reegle is really much much more than that. It aggregates energy news, has a pretty great map detailing renewable energy projects around the world (as well as country profiles), and provides links for energy industry players in government, business, media and academia across the globe:I really think the map section is nice. You can get a global view or narrow the focus to a particular continent. Click on the icon for a particular country and the latest news links pop up. Click other search parameters and upcoming events in the world of renewable energy and climate protection are laid out before you. Another click gets you links for the country's energy profile from a variety of sources.

If you've been following these subjects for a while, you probably already have a whole slew of bookmarks and sources already at your fingertips. But the great thing about reegle, for both the newbie and the more seasoned renewable energy watcher is that it's all in one place.

via: Fast Company
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