CES 2009: LG and GotWind's Mobile Phone Charging Station (Video)

LG solar and wind cell phone charging station photo
Photo by Jaymi Heimbuch

LG partnered with GotWind and has erected a solar/wind cell phone charging station. We're well familiar with GotWind around here, and it's great to see them head to the states to help LG create the first renewable energy charging tent a US cell phone provider has ever put up in the states.

Click through to watch a video tour on how it works.

The tent's hub has a monitor that tells users how much power is being generated by the wind, how much is being generated by solar, and how much the charging phones are drawing. It also shows weather statistics.

LG solar and wind charging station meter photo

Pretty exciting to finally see one of these tents in person, and we hope to see it spread to more events in the US. More info can be found over at GotWind.org.
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