CES 2009: Hymini Debuts New Renewable Energy Products (Video)

HYmini bike charger photo

Photo by Jaymi Heimbuch
Hymini has the greenest-looking booth that I've seen so far at CES, and it's because they are super serious about alternative energy. They've debuted a family of alternative energy chargers, and a few more really cool items are featured at their cube.

Read on for a video explaining their new ways to charge gadgets via bike, and their Polli-Bricks. The new family consists of the Hymini wind and minisolar chargers, which we're familiar with, a minihandcrank, and a bike dynamo hub converter. Basically, you can rig your bike to capture kinetic, wind and solar energy to charge your gadgets. But you can now also charge up your laptop with a stationary bike set-up.

They also have some cool building blocks that are made of recycled plastic bottles and they're...um...plastic bottles. They're very strong, and have a UV coating. And, a building made of them is already in production.

HYmini bottle wall photo

*Note: You can click through to YouTube to view the videos in high quality format*

Arthur Huang explains the Hymini bike hub charger, and their recycled plastic bottle building blocks.

He also explains Hymini's bike-based laptop charger.

The cool items at the booth didn't stop here. They also have a solar-powered post card, and a solar powered light that you can screw a plastic bottle onto as a unique lamp shade, putting a simple twist (har har) onto reuse.

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