CES 2009: Horizon Renewable Energy Science Kits

Horizon renewable energy science kits photo

Photo by Jaymi Heimbuch

If we're looking to make our kids smarty pants about renewable energy, these kits seem like a really cool way to get them excited about it. Personally, I want the full sized kit, though it's a rather pricey $199. There are a wide range of smaller kits as well, but this one seems like a great addition to any classroom, and a great tool for teaching kids about fuel cell technology, utilizing renewable energy like wind and solar, and letting them get very hands on with it.

The problem, though, is the same as with many other kits. These don't seem to be made with any sort of eco-friendly materials like recycled plastic, and there doesn't seem to be much information showing that the company has much at heart other than making money with fuel cell technology.

Nonetheless, the kits seem pretty darn cool, and hold some great possibilities for the classroom.

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