Ceramic Fuel Cells Coming to a Home Near You

I profess to not being an engineering expert, so I should stop sitting on this story, (hoping enlightenment will come to me) and let it free to be discussed at large. An Australian company, Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd, has developed a solid oxide fuel cell generator. What appears to set it aside from other innovations in this arena, is that it's combined with a small heat and power unit to generate 1kW of electricity and heat for hot water, using natural gas as the fuel. This apparently makes it ideal for use in domestic homes. (A schematic pic is provided in the extended post.) Solid oxide cells are said to give up to 50% efficiency (greater than PEM hydrogen cells, which max out around 40%). New Zealand and Germany are undertaking commercial trials of the units, which are about the size of two small fridges. ::Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd

1. Fuel cell generator stack
2. Hot water storage tank
3. Heat exchanger & burner
4. Fuel / air pre-treatment
5. Waste heat recovery

Pics sourced from: Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd