Centre For Alternative Technology — Europe's Leading Eco-Centre


Wales: home to the Welsh, many sheep, lots of daffodils, several mountains and The Centre For Alternative Technology (CAT). This educational centre is located in Snowdonia and is dedicated to exploring and demonstrating ‘globally sustainable, whole and ecologically sound technologies and ways of life’. While it might be considered by the less intrepid as being well off the beaten path it is worth making a trip to Wales just to see their interactive displays on renewable energies, environmental building, organic growing and alternative sewage systems. Amazingly the centre was first started way back in 1973 and since then there has always been a small community living there putting environmental theories and technologies into practice on a daily basis. CAT run conferences, workshops, school trips and even offer a Msc Degree in Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies. They also have an online store which is stocked full of eco-goodies and they provide a free information service which will answer your most obscure environmental enquiries. Throughout January entry to the Visitor Centre is free and upcoming in March is a Hemp Conference; exploring the environmental and economic possibilities of growing hemp in the UK. ::CAT

[Leonora & Petz]