Carbon Bounty Hunters From Walmart Are Out Scouting The Supply Chains: 'For A Few Dollars More'


Reuters is reporting today that Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has begun to send engineers to visit its suppliers, and is helping them find ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. While Wal-Mart's trucks, stores and refrigerators are reported to emit about 19.5 mt/year of carbon dioxide equivalent, its suppliers generate about an order of magnitude more. A Walmart representative stated "what we found absolutely staggered us," and that their efforts have "helped cut electricity bills by 60 percent at the first factory they audited by installing readily available low emissions lighting and technologies". Read the full article for a description of what's behind the drive to clean up Wal-Mart's various supply chains. From Reuters, via PlanetArk. Photo credit: Delta Dragon.