Cape Wind CEO Jim Gordon on What Comes Next For Massachusetts' First Offshore Wind Farm (Video)

Interview with Jim Gordon, CEO of Cape Wind
The famed Cape Wind offshore wind project has finally been granted a permit to begin construction, after a decade-long battle with the company and clean energy advocates on one side, and well-funded fossil fuel industry interests and NIMBY concerns on the other. Of course, even after the permit has been granted, those interests are still fighting to keep the wind farm down -- opposition groups have appealed it. But when Cape Wind finally begins construction this year, it will become the nation's first offshore wind project to do so -- blazing the trail for other farms waiting in the wings. Jim Gordon, Cape Wind's CEO, spoke about the victory at a VIP reception and 'forum on a coal free-future' hosted by Greenpeace in Massachusetts. Gordon joined me for a quick interview afterward, where he spoke about Cape Wind, the future of clean energy, and the many battles left to win:Here's Gordon on when Cape Wind will be completed:

On the biggest obstacle to clean energy in the United States:

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