Canadian Tire goes Alternative Energy


Most Canadians love Canadian Tire, which sells everything and even has its own coveted currency and is affectionately known as Crappy Tire. Now CT has introduced a special website for alternative energy, where one can learn about off-grid systems, get suggestions for systems to meet different needs, pull it all together and order online. the FAQ's are excellent, the prices appear reasonable, and the jargon and mumbo-jumbo level is low. "We're really focusing on the home power area," said Lisa Gibson, a spokesperson for Canadian Tire, which has 465 locations in communities large and small across the country. "Given industry trends, we think it's going to be a big trend here in Canada. There are a lot of people today actually off the grid and they need these products, and then those on the grid looking for alternative sources." We might even have enough CT money in drawers around the house to buy a system. ::Canadian Tire Power via ::Tyler Hamilton