Canadian Environment Minister Gloats While Gulf Oil Spill Spreads

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Canada's so-called Environment Minister is about as sincere as Inspector Renault who was "shocked, shocked" to see gambling going on in Rick's Cafe. Jim Prentice is "appalled and horrified" to find that a leaky well is causing so much damage in the Gulf of Mexico.

But not too appalled to use it as a pitch for the oil sands, suggesting that they are safer than drilling offshore.

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Environment Minister Jim Prentice; Image from Maclean's Magazine

He actually says in the Globe and Mail:

"I think it's always been clear that the oil sands provide a safe, stable, secure supply of energy and they need to be developed in an environmentally responsible way. The risks associated with the oil sands, the environmental risks, are significantly different than, and probably less than the kind of risks associated with offshore drilling."

He then goes on to say that it can't happen here.

"We have never had that kind of occurrence. We've successfully drilled many wells. I think that speaks to the regulatory environment that we've had, the diligence we have put in to regulating oil and gas activity, the fact that we have and must continue to demand from industry the highest possible standards."

And this is the Minister of the Environment, not the Minister of Energy. Something is wrong with this picture.

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