Californians offered free electric car charger when they go solar

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Whenever we talk about electric cars, somebody somewhere starts talking about coal-fired vehicles. But the fact is that our grid gets cleaner every day. That said, if we're going to advocate for electrified transportation, we do need to pay attention to where our electricity comes from.

That's why I was excited to read on Cleantechnica about Drive Solar, a partnership between Sungevity and EV charger location service PlugShare, in which PlugShare members get a free home EV charger when they go solar with Sungevity.

As detailed in the PlugShare press release, there are several reasons why a partnership like this makes sense:

1) "Drive Solar" capitalizes on the operational efficiencies that emerge when the electrical work for the EV charging station is accomplished during the residential solar system installation process.
2) Some recent studies have suggested that EV ownership can often be a stepping stone to going solar (and presumably vice versa)
3) Solar + electric cars = Duh

Of course, this isn't the first solar/electric car partnership we've seen, but the more the merrier. No matter how many times we see studies suggesting that electric cars are already greener, even when charged on the standard grid, calling them "emission free" will be a stretch until they all run on sunshine.

Californians offered free electric car charger when they go solar
When these technologies combine, they change the playing field.

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