California's PG&E; Adds More Wind Power to Its Portfolio

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Pacific Gas & Electric comes onto the Treehugger radar screen quite a bit: offering carbon offsets which go towards planting sequoias, purchasing wave energy, using hybrid solar thermal-biomass plants. Here’s their latest green step.

In an effort to further increase its renewable energy obligations under California’s Renewable Portfolio Standard, PG&E; has signed a long-term power purchase agreement with a subsidiary of Horizon Wind Energy for the delivery of 240 gigawatt hours of wind energy.

The power will come from the Rattlesnake Road Wind Power Project, currently under construction in Gilliam County, Oregon. The project is expected to come online in the first quarter of 2009. This will increase PG&E;’s wind energy portfolio to 1,213 MW under contract or delivered.

Under the RPS, California utilities are required to show that, by 2010, 20% of their electric generation comes from renewable sources.

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