Bullfrog Power: First Anniversary of a Great Idea

I don't know if your electric utility throws great parties to thank you for your custom, but Bullfrog power does- they invited all of their corporate and residential customers to the Gladstone Hotel for its first year anniversary celebration. It is growing by leaps and bounds- next year they will need the Convention Centre. Speeches were short (President Tom Heintzman pictured above) and the crowd was happy to celebrate the success of a business model based on people paying a premium to buy clean power- the prevailing wisdom was that nobody would. The fact is, people will pay more for clean power, better food and efficient transportation- they cease to be commodities and become choices we make that make us feel better and perhaps make a better world. Every good and service that we purchase needs a Bullfrog- through great marketing they turn buying the most mundane product imaginable into social action. Congratulations to ::Bullfrog Power