Building Canadian Solar: Cell by Cell by Cell


Canada is not perhaps known for its sunshine. However, an interesting development in rural Ontario is looking to change that — and they are calling on all Canadians to help. Sunpark Corp is hoping to build Canada's first solar park. Because the park will take many years to become financially self-sustaining, they are asking members of the public and like-minded corporations to sponsor single solar cells at CAN$25.00 each. Combined with thousands of others, these cells will collectively generate electricity for the Ontario province: "On its own, [each] cell makes just a couple of Watts of power when exposed to the sun. Combined with literally thousands of other cells in the solar park, it will make a significant contribution to the environment - generating electricity without any noise or pollution for at least 20 years."

Those interested in sponsoring a cell can do so online via a simple credit card payment.

[Written by: Sami Grover]