Bubble Fusion Joins The Energy Fray

Daniel sent in a great tip about new research into fusion power. Sonoluminescence, or light caused by bubbles, has been lurking in the depths of applied physics for a while now. A team from Purdue, Yiban Xu and Adam Butt (no jokes please - the man is a scientist), have translated an understanding of sonoluminescense into fuel for the fire that is 'cold' fusion reactions. Their research supports the idea that it is possible to create thermo-nuclear fusion at 'room' temperature in a device that could fit on your dinner table by taking advantage of bubbles in heavy Acetone.What amazed me most is that they need a small local neutron beam to get the reaction going- well SH*! I thought to myself, take a look at our 'Hand Held Neutron Beam' which was invented not a few months back and featured right here on Treehugger. Now if you set up the neutron generator, next to the fusion device, I think we would be cooking with fusion power in no time.

Ok, so maybe that is a little optimistic, but not too far from the truth. The great thing about the technology is that it has amazing potential.

"A cubic kilometer of seawater would contain enough heavy hydrogen to provide a thousand years' worth of power for the United States."

It is this possibility that keeps young guns like Yiban and Adam dreaming of a clean energy future. ::Purdue News