British PM Putting Unemployed To Work Insulating Attics

conservation corps with bricks photo

Civilian Conservation Corps Working With Bricks

We keep saying that the best source of energy is conservation and efficiency; by coincidence, Franklin Roosevelt set up the Conservation Corps to build ditches, plant crops and reforest America in the Great Depression. Now leader of the free world Prime Minister Gordon Brown of the UK is doing the same, creating a new Conservation Corps to conserve energy- training thousands to insulate attics.

"We are expanding in a very radical way our insulation and draught-proofing central-heating provision for the elderly and other people in our country. We are training large numbers of additional people to do that work in insulation. That will be one of the employment programmes that will grow."

clearing field photo

Conservation Corps clearing fields

"So I just give you one example of how we can combine to meet the challenges of climate change and cut people's gas and electricity bills and create the opportunities for work and training for that work."

"Every person who loses their job and the redundancies that are taking place in our country concerns me," he said.

"We will do whatever we can to ensure that people can stay in their jobs, we will do whatever we can so that people who lose their jobs can get new skills for the next job. We will do whatever we can to create opportunities."

That's leadership- put people to work insulating houses. Would it work in North America? Would our current leadership put the unemployed to work climbing around other people's houses? Would our leadership create a new Conservation Corps, creating jobs for a new green economy?

via Guardian
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