British Birds Love Wind Turbines, Except For the Pheasants

eurasian skylark photo

Eurasian Skylarks were among the species studied which were not negatively impacted by the wind turbines. Photo: Pei Wen Chang.

The whole wind turbine versus bird debate continues to arise every few months. While most of the evidence is solidly on the side of modern wind turbines not being bird killers , at least any more than glass buildings and the family cat, that information hasn’t entirely sunk in. A new study published in the Journal of Applied Ecology doesn’t add anything to that aspect of the discussion, but it does provide evidence that wind turbines do not drive birds away from areas surrounding the wind farm. The study looked at birds in England and came to the following conclusions:Other Than Pheasants, Birds Not Affected by Wind Farms
After studying the impact of two wind farms on some 3,000 birds in 23 species, scientists have found that only one of those species, the pheasant, was affected by the wind turbines. Recording the density of birds at different distances from the wind turbines, the researchers say that the structures pose no hazard to the birds in the study area. (Reuters)

The researchers are saying that this is the first evidence which suggests that farmland birds are not detrimentally affected by the location of current wind farms. Seemingly (and prudently...) heading off people jumping to larger conclusions, they also point out that they did not look at the number of birds colliding with wind turbines.

Wind Farm Siting Perhaps a Bit Easier
Though the location of any proposed large-scale wind farm (let’s not delude ourselves into thinking that a commercial wind farm is anything but huge) is still likely to come under critical local scrutiny, at least following this study there is one less thing to worry about when choosing sites to generate clean electricity.

via :: Reuters
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