Bosch Launches Plant Oil Stove


A couple of months ago we mentioned Protos, a stove fueled by sustainable and renewable plant oil (which can also run on used fryer oil and kerosene) under evaluation in the Philippines. After testing in 100 households and small restaurants since the end of 2004, the stove is a success, according to the two collaborators, Leyte State University and home appliance manufacturer Bosch. Similar to a camping stove, Protos consists of a tank, a pump, a frame, a valve, a fuel line, and a burner. But all the materials are designed to meet the high temperatures the burner maintains—up to 1,400 °C—to ensure continuous vaporization and combustion with minimal emissions and soot formation. With Protos, the company hopes to replace traditional three-stone fireplaces, reduce carcinogenic emissions, prevent deforestation, and provide a cheaper means of preparing food in developing countries. "Taking responsibility for society includes—for Bosch—emphasizing ethical values, developing ecologically and socially sustainable as well as innovative products, and being a good neighbor worldwide," says Dr. Kurt-Ludwig Gutberlet, president and CEO of BSH, Bosch und Siemens Hausgerate. ::Bosch