BioMer — Biodiesel Tours on the St. Lawrence River


The BioMer fleet has been running tour boats on the St. Lawrence with pure biodiesel (B100) during 2004's touristic season to illustrate the benefits and feasibility of using biofuels to help lessen the air quality and global warming impacts of the maritime transport/touristic industry. The project used 177,000 liters of pure biodiesel and cut emissions of greenhouse gases by approximately 356 tons. Small scale, but it was only a demonstration - the potential influence on other fleets and politicians is more important in this case. "The project also highlighted how biodiesel, a biofuel that can be made from recycled cooking oil, has a positive impact on fleet operations and river ecology."


BioMer presented the results of the project to Quebec's Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks (nice title, eh?) on May 16th. So far, reactions have been positive: "The Québec government is committed to encouraging tangible initiatives that feature less polluting forms of energy like biodiesel. Since this biofuel has the further benefit of turning agro-industry waste into an asset, it has a particularly promising future both from an environmental and economic standpoint." Québec Transport Minister Michel Després pointed out: "The BioMer project helped show that use of biodiesel by cruise companies is viable, helps significantly reduce polluting and greenhouse gas emissions, and is part of achieving sustainable navigation in Québec."

Nice words, but now show some political will, lets see concrete actions; lets dump fossil-diesel as much as possible and use the huge waste of the agro-industry to make biofuels.

::BioMer Press Release

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