Biogas Could Heat Half of UK Homes, With £10 Billion Investment

biogas processor photo

photo: National Grid

According to new research conducted by Ernst & Young, and commissioned by National Grid, if the UK's various waste streams were harnessed to produce biogas, half of the nation's homes could be heated from it. The biogas would be generated from sewage, animal manure, food and other waste, and be connected to the existing natural gas grid. Something which seems very attractive to National Grid.

Saying that there are no technical or safety barriers to generating this much biogas, the following government policies should be enacted ( :Develop "a waste management policy to ensure each waste stream is directed to the appropriate biogas technology."

A new incentive scheme to encourage biogas producers to send their gas to the natural gas grid, rather than generate electricity from it (as is currently promoted in the Renewable Obligation scheme).

A new regulatory framework "to clarify the roles and responsibilities of the gas transporters who will have to have to provide renewable gas connections and continued financial support for R&D; into renewable gas production and upgrade technologies."

Download the full report: The potential for Renewable Gas in the UK

via: and BBC News
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