Biofuels - It's Getting Annoying Now

Just yesterday Matt discussed George Monbiot's call for a moratorium on biofuel expansion. Treehugger has complained about biofuels from corn or palm oil for years, and taken some abuse for it; the main argument is "don't worry, all of these ethanol plants will run on algae or switchgrass in a couple of years, corn is just an interim measure" or the Palm Oil Truth Foundation sends another dozen emails about the glories of clearing the rainforest to grow fuel. The subsidies keep growing and the forests keep getting ploughed over.

Craig Mackintosh at Celsias writes about "the obstinate pushing of ethanol from corn, sugar, soy, and palm oils in the face of their overwhelming detrimental effect on people’s lives, and on the environment. It is where big industry, desperate to retain consumer dollars, is influencing government - who are in turn pandering to very destructive whims."

He has prepared a great summary of posts and articles from around the world showing both sides of the ledger- " Enough already-the facts" side against biofuels and the "Determined Obstinacy- We drive, come hell or high water" side, an attempt to draw "a clear line between the effects of biofuels on people and planet, and what government and industry are doing regardless." A wonderful resource. Read at ::Celsias

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