Biggest Solar PV Farm in U.S. Goes Online in Nevada

nevada sempra solar farm photo

Photo: Sempra Energy
48 Megawatts of Goodness
It's 10x smaller than the planned 500 MW solar PV farm that Sempra is trying to build near Phoenix, Arizona, but the 48 MW Copper Mountain Solar facility, located in Boulder City, Nevada, has the benefit of not being just a plan anymore. Construction began in January 2010 at the 380-acre desert site and up to 350 workers installed nearly 775,000 thin-film PV solar panels. Now that it is finished, the Copper Mountain Solar farm is the largest photovoltaic installation in the U.S., according to Sempra.
sempra energy solar photo

Another Sempra solar farm. Photo: Sempra Energy

That's the biggest photovoltaic solar farm, but definitely not the biggest solar farm in the US. If we look at solar thermal (using the sun's heat to generate steam to spin turbines), there's a 354 MW farm in California's Mojave Desert. It produces enough energy for about 500,000 homes.

We mentioned this solar PV farm a few times in the past. See also: 48 Megawatt Solar Power Plant Expansion in Nevada Will Be (Maybe) Nation's Largest and Sempra Energy Working on 500 MW Solar Farm Near Phoenix, Arizona.

Via Sempra, Discovery News
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